Aalto University and the University of Helsinki

Dozens of AI-related courses at both universities

  • Introductory courses in AI and machine learning are already hugely popular – hundreds of students attend
  • AI-focused computer science, data science and other degree programmes on Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral levels
  • Courses are also available to students in other programmes

Open Education for All

FCAI aims to provide AI literacy for all – with the best AI MOOCs available.

Our efforts include:

  • AI courses available to all through open universities
  • Free massive open online courses (MOOCs) in AI:
    • Elements of AI has been available from 14 May 2018
    • AI Programming, starting early 2019
  • Public outreach events for the public and industry (for example AI Day, public events at Think Corner at University of Helsinki)


FCAI supports robotics and coding clubs for elementary school students.

As an admission path to studies in computer science, high school students can gain credits by completing MOOCs.

FCAI is preparing a proposal on how to introduce AI-related content in schools alongside teaching programming skills.

Training for company professionals


In cooperation with Aalto Executive Education and HY+, FCAI offers a wide range of AI-related trainings.

  • Intensive courses for executives on how to drive business with AI
  • A six-month AI Diploma training with a total of 12 teaching days will start in December 2018. Both technical and non-technical tracks included.
  • Internships, hackathons and seminars