FCAI collaborates with companies that have an interest in AI. This interest may include cutting-edge research, education of the personnel, student collaboration and recruitment of young talents, and technology transfer. FCAI is an open ecosystem that brings together cutting-edge research and commercial users of AI.

In addition to company members we will partner with other organizations that work with us in our mission to create wealth and prosperity through research, education and AI methods that enable analytic data-based decisions.  For the wider audience FCAI will organize events and share information about advances and applications in the field of artificial intelligence.

FCAI Company members

FCAI Ecosystem Members

Potential academic partners

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Aalto University

Corporate Liaison Terhi Kajaste, terhi.kajaste(at)aalto.fi

Professor Kai Puolamäki, kai.puolamaki(at)aalto.fi

University of Helsinki

HIIT Vice-Director Patrik Floréen, patrik.floreen(at)helsinki.fi

Corporate Liaison Pasi Rautiainen, pasi.rautiainen(at)helsinki.fi