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FCAI forms a critical mass of expertise in AI connecting the universities and the public and private sectors.



Aalto University and the University of Helsinki have joined forces in artificial intelligence research by establishing the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI). FCAI works towards the next generation of AI that is interactive, dependable, and data-efficient. It aims to boost and extend AI research and its applications by bringing together universities, industrial actors and the public sector. With our partners in Finland and abroad we want to achieve societal impact by generating business and solutions that will have world-wide positive effects on the economy and the well-being of people.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) will bring disruptive transformations to all societies in a very short-term future, opening both new opportunities and needs for solutions. The international competition in the new economy is tough, and the division to leaders and followers will take place within the next few years. To be a leader requires the ability to derive new solutions based on the latest research results and to define future directions. It is now the time for Finland to take strong actions to reach the potential for AI-led economic growth.

The gap between AI research and products is short compared to most other sciences, and fundamental and applied research often overlap with each other. The needs of practical applications often drive ambitious research questions. We will closely combine fundamental research with application fields and operate as an ecosystem where researchers, students, companies, and the public sector can communicate and interact.


FCAI works towards the next generation of AI that is interactive, dependable and data-efficient.



FCAI builds on already existing critical mass of excellence. Close collaboration between Aalto and the University of Helsinki (UH) through a joint research institute, the Helsinki Institute of Information Technology (HIIT), has created a lively ICT hub in the capital area. Hundreds of researchers are involved in various research and educational activities, and tens of industrial actors are collaborating in joint initiatives.

The international nature of our AI endeavour and the modest size of the country create a unique opportunity for Finland: We are small enough so that FCAI and utilization of AI can have a large impact. But at the same time we are big enough to have the critical mass for creating an ecosystem able to reap the benefits of the international growth. AI will lead to destruction of old jobs and business models and to creation of new ones. For many companies the utilization of AI right now is a question of survival: their options are to create new AI-based businesses or become marginalized. In accordance with Finland’s recently published AI agenda FCAI will aim to realize the potential for AI-led economic growth.







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